Clean It UK can offer an effective method of removing unsightly and offensive graffiti from walls and surfaces.

Using our trained technicians, specialised chemicals and machinery graffiti can be removed without damage to surfaces or leaving any marks or shadowing.  

Graffiti can be removed from brick work, concrete, sandstone, painted surfaces, wood & plastic. We have a number of mobile vans that operate around the North East of England on a daily business carrying out reactive works.  Steam and pressure washing can be used for effective removal of the graffiti.


Discarded chewing gum has become a major problem in our towns and cities.

Our vans cover the whole country working out of hours or weekends. Gum can be removed from most surfaces including asphalt, concrete, tarmac and entrance matting without any damage whatsoever.

Our trained operatives give the full area a deep clean and can follow up with a planned maintenance if required.

We work out of hours or on weekends so there is no disruption to traffic or pedestrians.

We have always had fantastic 24 hour response at all times of the year from the operatives employed by CLEAN-IT-UK that have attended to flooded rooms (included soil and waste water clear up), graffiti clear up from external walls around campus and also sanitising of areas after clear up.

Robert Hossack, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Maintenance Co Ordinator, Northumbria University